DOF Reality H3!

So I finally found time to build the 3 degree of freedom simulator from this weekend.  It took about a day to assemble mostly because I wanted to install seat sliders and also the instructions didn't exactly show how to connect the motors.  Well here's the photo journal of how I assembled it and the finished product! Enjoy! I did a few laps at Mugello with Assetto Corsa in a McLaren 570s and had a blast!  Gotta try the Nurburgring in a Ferrari S70H next!!

Parts is parts! OMG they used so much packing tape it was unreal! The good thing about it though is that nothing was damaged at all probably *because* they used so much packing tape and bubble wrap.

The Sparco Chrono Road looms in the distance. It's been waiting for its home for 2 weeks!

Interesting motors... tiny it seems, but the wifey doesn't want something crazy anyway probably...

About a 12"x10"x5" box for the controller. Very clean, one power input, one USB output, and 3 power/serial interfaces for the 3 motors one for each "degree of freedom" (DOF).

The pitch and roll motors.  The 'yaw' motor is connected to part of the base.

The 'yaw' motor (bottom) and parts of the base.

Screws for the base.

Connecting the base pieces with screws.

The completed base.

Top side of the base. The orange hole on the right will be where the top of the rig pivots to simulate the loss of rear tire traction.

The base of the rig with the 'yaw' motor attached.

Incorrect installation of the pitch and roll motors.  They never put pictures of how the motors attach to the frame so I used the wheel mounting screws here by mistake.

I looked on their website to see how the motors attach to the frame and now they are going in correctly.

Motors all attached! (it turns out that the screws for the sensors on these motors are bent in this picture and they aren't supposed to be.  So I had to unbend them later.  I suppose they got bent in shipping but it isn't too difficult to unbend them)

Putting the main beam on top and attaching to the motors.

Pedal holder attached. Adding pieces for the seat and wheel.

Oops, the Sparco sliding brackets don't fit the holes! It wasn't intended to have sliding brackets attached to it, but I want to be able to adjust the chair so I just used 3 holes to connect the brackets.

Chair attached!

Wheel tray attached.

Control box connected to motor cables.

USB port and power connected to control box.

Powering on the control box.

Ok it's a mess in here, need to move things around and get rid of the old crickety snack table currently hold the steering wheel and shifter.

The DOFReality H3 has moved in!

Top view of the Chrono Road.

Side view with shifter and wheel.

Another top view.

More views, table with 4k Dell monitor, Pimax 4K goggles, wireless keyboard and mouse.


  1. Thank you Igor and DOFReality for making an amazing simulator!

  2. From your URL, may I conclude that you are a fellow Kenyan?


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